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Graduating from Moscow Law School in 2006, I was so happy to help people resolve their legal issues. After working as a lawyer for 10 years, my life changed, and I moved to San Diego. The first year I was studying the English language, then I decided to move forward with becoming a Realtor.

What is the attractiveness and charm of the Realtor profession for me? Simply put, it is very similar to being a lawyer. We, as Realtors, help people and guide them in the process of buying or selling a home, much like as a lawyer I helped guide people with their legal needs. If I perform my task on a professional level, satisfying the client’s needs – I receive a "plus.” Fail the client and I get a "minus". I take it one step further and strive only for a “plus-plus,” going beyond what is expected of me!

Being a Realtor is a way of life for me. I really love the real estate process, and everything connected with it. I feel it, I know it and I understand it through and through. I like the communication and working with people, and I especially like to find creative solutions that are best for my clients. I love to see the results of my work and my favorite of all is handing over the keys to my clients’ new home.

Let me find your dream home!!!


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